Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Cows and Floods and Inspirational Lancastrians

Weekend away in Lancashire.
At home we had heavy rain on Thursday, so I decided to finish work early, which meant that we arrived at our site at Affetside, near Bury in Lancashire when the sun was shining, and we had a lovely view as we had our dinner, next we went to try and see the landowner, but got no response at the doors. Upon returning to the field we were confronted by a young calf that had escaped from the next field thus we spent the next 20 minutes getting her back though the fence and then repairing it. Then Paul (the site owner) came and said “Oh it`s you, I thought it was the Farmer.” We had a very loose arrangement as to fees for camping there, so this sort of thing was quite `normal`. The fact that it ALWAYS rains when we go there is also normal, in fact this is the only place I know that as bogs on top of the hill.
The adorable, but lost Highland calf
Friday morning; with been quite close to the town of Whitworth I wanted to visit Sophie Lancaster`s Grave. I took a Greyhound pin badge to leave on her grave as I knew there were already a lot of gifts left there.
A general view of Whitworth Cemetery
We found the Cemetery okay but it took a while to find Sophie`s grave.
Sophie`s Grave.
In the afternoon we went around the famous Bury Market before returning to camp by which time Richard and Marion had arrived. Then the heavens opened up and it rained all night.
The older part of Whitworth Cemetery
Saturday it still was raining and was the turn of nearby Bolton Market to take our money, Bolton was the home to Fred Dibnah a Steeplejack who became a TV personality when knocking down tall chimneys and with his old fashioned way of engineering and love of steam power. There is a bronze statue of him in the town centre. We had a late but large lunch the returned back to the site in time for more rain.
Fred Dibnah`s statue in Bolton
Sunday carried on were Saturday left off with rain up till about half past ten, enabling us to pack up reasonably dry
In case anyone reading this does not know about Sophie, here`s a link to explain.

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