Sunday, 30 October 2016

I`ve Heard That Somewhere Before

You never know who is reading your posts. A couple of years back I had a good night out at a gig in a pub that brews its own beer. I had quite a bit, and when I went outside, it hit me I headed for the bus stop and had to cross a duel carriageway with shrubs in the central reservation, as I walked over them I remember thinking “Well at least I can name them all in Latin.” When I got to the bus stop I posted that thought on Facebook
CAMELLIA williamsii
CEANOTHUS Blue mound
HYPERICUM Guttiferae
I have just watched an episode of Sherlock and in it Dr. Watson says to man “I am a Amy Doctor, I can break every bone in your body whilst naming them in Latin! 
Hummmm That sounded familiar …….. Wonder if one of the writers had read my post?


  1. I've never figured out whether it's called Cotton Easter (that's how my parents used to pronounce it) or Cotoney Aster. Which is it, Alastair? lol

    1. Haha I`m not getting into that one ! You say banana and I say banana etc.


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