Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Weekend at Eden Camp

To say that I was disappointed with the number of people that turned up for this weekend could be the biggest understatement of the century! The trouble was that 6 mile away in the town of Pickering was a similar but much more established event, namely a 40’s weekend with camping at the showground they had over 300 caravans turn up. We had 12 And although I have nothing to do with the booking I had tried my best to promote this.
It was planned that I would do Friday and Sunday night`s entertainment, but as no one was staying to Monday both of my `nights` were compressed into one. For the first part I played sixties music at low levels, we did a quiz before seamlessly moving on to Ball Room After the Blitz, scheduled for Sunday night.
At Eden Camp
I would like to make it clear at this point, that I only use the high quality smoke fluid in my smoke machine, which is none allogeneic, despite some claiming it was upsetting their chest.
Here’s the Set list for that part of the night.

Bad Moon Rising, Creedence Clearwater Revival
Smoke and Mirrors, Dawn of Elysium
Wasteland, The Mission
London Calling, The Clash
Swords of a Thousand Men, Tenpole Tudor
Oliver’s Army, Elvis Costello
The Killing Moon, Echo and the Bunnymen
Knocking on Heaven’s Door, Bob Dylan
Where Have All the Flowers Gone, Peter, Paul and Mary
The Damage Done, The Sisters of Mercy
Stop The Cavalry, Jona Lewie
Ship Building, Elvis Costello
Sailing, Rod Stewart
Timeless and Elegant, Rhombus 
The Call Up, The Clash
Heroes, David Bowie
Johnny Ain’t Coming, The Lost Souls
Blitzkrieg Bop/Commando, The Ramones
Bomber, Motorhead
Enola Gay, O M D
Warhead, UK Subs
English Civil War, The Clash
Winds of Change, Scorpions
Give Peace A Chance, John Lennon
Do You Believe in Angels, The Last Dance.
At Eden Camp
It`s always nice when you FB messages from people saying how much they had enjoyed themselves, just a pity more had not turned up.
At Eden Camp
Eden Camp is a modern museum about WW2 set in a prisoner of war camp in North Yorkshire. For more details see their website  http://www.edencamp.co.uk/


  1. Such a shame you didn't have more caravans at yours. That must have been disappointing. Great playlist tho!

    1. It`s hard to put your heart into something when not many are there. Glad you liked the list.


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