Monday, 14 November 2016

Spen Valley`s Mary Poppins Special at Skipton.

Members from more than ten D.A.s / Sections flocked to Skipton to represent their group in the “Which is the Happiest D.A.” competition in Spen Valley`s Mary Poppins Special. CYDA charged home the winner thanks to Derick Wilcox.

Spen Valley`s Mary Poppins Special at Skipton
This was one of the highlights of the evening`s entertainment together with guessing the number of grains of sugar (pieces of granite really) on a giant spoon in the “Spoonful of Sugar” charity fund raiser, and prizes for the best Fancy dressed. A number of pictures of “Things that fly” had been hid around the site, these were numbered and lettered, once found the letters had to be rearranged into a phrase from the film. Only one person managed that and won the prize!
  After Mary Poppins “Left the building” The music was quite limited due to worrying electrical interference every time a light or something was turned on anywhere in the building !

We were treated to an impromptu live set from one of the campers Dora, who played some Hungarian Folk Music. A big Thank You to Dora.

I didn`t manage to write a set list as I went along, but do remember playing the following tributes:-

For missing Friday nights gig there. The Kinks – Come Dancing.
For Remembrance Day. The Lost Souls – Johnny Ain`t Coming.
For Trump. Heaven 17 – (We Don`t Need This) Fascist Groove Thang.
For Pete Burns (RIP) Dead or Alive – That`s The Way I Like It.
For Christmas. Slade – Merry X-Mas Everybody.
For not knowing when / where we will meetup again. Rhombus – Anywhere.

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