Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Four Years At The Library

And No, this is not another post about avoiding perverted sports teachers at school!

December marks my return to the Leeds live music scene, 4 years, and my time at the Library firstly it was under the guise of Flock and latterly Carpe Noctum.
On Saturday we had 3 bands all making their debut there. First up was Juratory, billed as “Hateful, load and angry” which was a pretty good description! I was (Just about) getting in to one or two tracks, but they were not really my thing. As I said to a friend "Not music to drive up Pool bank to!"
Next up were Gothzilla. At first I was a bit worried about the hats, Top hats with welding goggles and an army officer`s type flat cap. But 3 notes in and I loved them. They were brilliant ! This IS Goth music, how it should be, how it was, how may it long to be!
The songs that stood out to me were; Today Is A Good Day To Die, Falling Down and the excellent Temple Of Sound.  

Link to YouTube here >>>  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XfywBvnAJ-E
That left Chambers, two sisters whose mother when carrying them must have listened to a lot of Deep Purple and Lead Zeppelin! As throughout their show I had the feeling that they were just about to break into “Smoke on the Water” or “Whole Lotta Love” but not  quite. So basically loud heavy riffs and drums. Again not my cup of tea.
After the bands came the club night, and Howard stated by Playing Transmission so that`s me on the dance floor, and quickly followed it by Body Electric then I managed a bit of a sit down before The Cramps called and then The Clash, 2 more I forget and Killing Joke, which was one too many for my knee. Ouch it hurt, (and 3 days later it still does) But what a great night.
So will I manage another 4 years?

Will my knee more to the point

Stay tuned


  1. I can't say that I've ever heard of Gothzilla before, but since you say they're good, I'll look them up and give them a try. Besides, how can you go wrong with a name like that?

    1. I`d never heard of them before, this month`s night was “New Blood” i.e. new bands at the club, I got their CD as soon as they finished playing and I`ve had on in the car all week!


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