Thursday, 26 January 2017

Music for an AGM?

I`ve being asked to do the music for our Annual General Meeting.
That means for an hour or so after the serious stuff is over.
But what if I had to play introductions to the Committee members like in Darts and Boxing before they gave their reports
Well here we are:>


 Leader of the Gang  ~ Gary Glitter

Messages ~ Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark


Money for Nothing ~ Dire Straits


The Public Image ~  Public Image Limited

Rep to Region

Legion  ~  Theatre of Hate

Web Master

Digital ~  Joy Division


Anywhere ~  Rhombus


The back of my hand (I`ve got your number) ~ The Jags

Charities Officer

Give a Little Love ~ Bay City Rollers

Social Officer

She`s In Parties ~ Bauhaus

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Cooking by numbers For the Masses

Last Saturday it was our Caravanning Group`s Winter Meal.
Arranged by a member, The Angel is what now-a-days is called a *carvery, but in fact would be better described as a works canteen in a pub. It is usually quite full, but of chav type people seeking a bargain meal who subconsciously probably don`t like eating out, or at least spending money on eating out. and who`s attire would prevent them been let in to a real restaurant.
What I was hoping for.
Staffed by inexperienced youngsters probably earning barely the national minimum wage, who they dress in chef`s whites and give a “Company Manual” on how to cook. So they can cook to the predetermined minute cheap meat in a combi oven by `stream-roasting`. This quick method also loses less weight and helps tenderise the meat during cooking.
Not my pic.
We were not the first to arrive and so we joined friends already seated in the pub area, I got a pint of Dunbar ale, the same as I was drinking last week in Leeds, but £1.35 dearer! We talked and more members came in, till it was time to eat.
Their photo, but it wasn`t like that!
Once shown to your table, and I say “Shown to” rather than “Seated at” we can order our starters which the `ducks` (A term used by Chefs for untrained waitress) do serve to the table. Then, after your plates are cleared you have to leave your seat and que at a counter where the people in whites carve the meat of your (limited) choice, then go and help yourself to vegetables and potatoes. Which is where most of the, shall we say, locals try to pile as high as possible on their plate.

To be honest the meal was okay. I guess you get what you pay for and that`s it. On Friday lunch I paid nearly as much for just a Fish butty, but it was gorgeous; batter was golden crisp, fish light and moist but cooked though and the bread cake was soft, fresh and well buttered. Back to Saturday, the vegetables are steamed, no doubt in a high pressure steamer, even the red cabbage, which at first glance you may think (or hope) you are getting Braised Red Cabbage, however it lacked; apples, onions herbs and the other ingredients that I, at least add to the real dish. The rest of the vegetables just lacked salt. As a retired chef it will be no surprise that I have total contempt for this type of place. The term “Cooking by numbers” best describes it.
Death of Traditional Carveries ? Not my pic.
The whole point of the night was for a winter get-together and it was nice to see the gang again. But, could we have just met in a pub without the meal? ……. Well yes
*A traditional Carvery is when in a restaurant a senior Waiter or Chef le Rotisseur would bring a silver trolley to your table and carves the roast meat at your side, then a junior waiter would silver serve, (by spoon and fork) your vegetables etc.

Sunday, 22 January 2017

This is what happens when `They` let an Eldergoth run a night.

Okay just a bit of self-indulgence here, hope you have a laugh
This is what happens when `They` let an Eldergoth run a night.
Pictures taken at a Caravanning group event last October at which I did one night and a `Mundane` did the other.

Thursday, 19 January 2017


Grassby & Walker (From Rhombus) acoustic set live last Saturday at Martinfest, Leeds.

Yes, that the back of my head, even when it`s acoustic I can`t keep still. Thanks to Martin for the video.

Monday, 16 January 2017

Martinfest 2017

Martin`s birthday bash and fund raiser for Martins House Hospice.
Where do I begin? I guess as I walked up to the venue where Martin was outside looking a bit worried. We shuck hands and I enquired to his worry, he was wondering where Edward and Rob had got to as they were due on stage in 55 minutes, he himself was on with his first band The ELerators in 5 minutes, we went in and before I got to the bar met Andy, also from The ELerators, but of Rhombus frame.
So, bar, upstairs, paid in, and met the rest of The ELerators just before they started, also met Gary (Ace photographer) and Howard from Carpe.

I was practically pleased to see The ELerators some of whom are going on for my age, and could be called `first generation Punks` I worried as the headline band at last week`s Carpe had declared themselves “The Last Punks On Earth!” maybe they meant youngest or most modern Punks on Earth?
The ELerators
Anyway they`re NOT. The ELerators play classic Punk covers and are about having fun. As per usual they finished with Plastic Bertrand`s Ca Plane Pour Moi. Great stuff.
By now more friends had arrived and many hugs and hellos were quickly done.
Edward and Rob still hadn`t arrived so in true Punk sprite Dave Sharpe jumped in and offered to play half of his set now till they got there. This is the real friendliness that the night was about.
So when Edward and Rob finally came on stage without a warm up, it was a cold night in Yorkshire, even in the centre of the city. They went straight into the set. I do prefer the full `electric` Rhombus with all members and backing sounds, but this was fun, and quick to set up / take down.
Dave Sharpe
Ready for Bobbie Peru, a new band to me and I`d describe as sort of `new punk` enjoyable and the set went quick, even if some songs seemed to me a bit long and verging on I guess metal / industrial- ish.
Edward and Rob
Dave Sharpe returned to finish off his set, then The Expelaires took to the stage. Original Post Punks est. 1979 and all that. “What could go wrong?” Lots of smoke, I love lots of smoke! The fire alarm system didn`t! And activated half way through the first song, cutting the power, we waited with the door open for enough of the smoke to clear 15 minutes later the show went on, but had to be shorted because of the live music licence laws.
The Expelaires
Now been in a room without music enabled us hear for once what each other were saying, which all too soon had to be goodbye.

A great night, thank you Martin and all.

Friday, 13 January 2017

“At first, I had a painting

At first, I had a painting of her in wood, then I had a relief of her in marble, and then I had a picture of her in my mind, but no, I no longer even have that.”
...........She’ll be on Instagram !

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Hogwarts Houses As Goths.

This has been doing the rounds on Facebook, so I thought I would share it on here.
Not Mine!
Looks like I`ll be in Gryffindor then.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Castle Dracula

Found this old photo, my Mother took it in about 1975 or 6 on a package holiday to Romania
Castle Dracula

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Review of my year 2016

A bit late but here we are…..
Best / Favourite
New Place (City) I Visited. ~
Blue Grass BBQ, Reading. A type of `Deep South` themed bar, lovely chicken

Blue Grass BBQ, Reading. Their pic.
New Place (Countryside) I Visited. ~
Thornton Hall Farm, May
At Thornton Hall Farm.
Cemetery. ~
Whitworth. To visit the grave of Sophie Lancaster. 
The grave of Sophie Lancaster.
Music Festival. ~
Goth City Festival, October 
The Lost Souls at Goth City Festival Leeds.
Worst Purchase ~
New Caravan. ~~ It went back after a fortnight, we got our money back, but our old one had already been sold so we went elsewhere for the next. I still miss our old one though ! 
Ticked off The Bucket List. ~
York Ghost Hunt Tour.
York Ghost Hunt.
Here`s to 2017

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Rhombus York December 2016

Last Thursday it was the second Rhombus Christmas Dead week gig at The Fulford Arms in York. With The Glass House Museum
The Glass House Museum
I was going to write a long blog about driving there in fog, all the wonderful people who I am proud to call friends who were there and how great the music was.
But here`s some pictures instead. The good ones are from Gary, find and follow his `works` page on Facebook.  Here
Rhombus, Pic from GQmusicworx
The best way to round off a year.
Yes, that`s me dancing (on left) to Rhombus. Pic from GQmusicworx

Yes, that`s me still dancing (on left) to Rhombus. Pic from GQmusicworx

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Urban Legend of the 3 door Ford Cortina

This was one of my dad’s so I not know just how true it was, but the way things were in the 1970’s UK Motor Industry it may well have been true.
Picture NOT mine.
At the time my dad worked for a Ford Main Dealer, his job was to go around the smaller garages in the district and get their orders for Ford parts. Now it came to be told that one of his customers had ordered a car for one of their clients, a Ford Cortina in the ’70’s Cortina’s were either 2 or 4 door, tailgates where only on Estate cars then. As the garage started to PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection) it they found that on one side it was a 2 door modal i.e. it had ONE door on that side, but on the other side it had TWO doors as a 4 door modal has. The garage rang Fords thinking they were going to be ‘stuck’ with a useless car. Almost instantly (For Ford in the ‘70’s anyway) a covered truck came and removed it, replacing it with a normal car. If only they had realized that such a car would be priceless in years to come!
Picture NOT mine.
Ford denies this could ever happen.

Grooving In Green + October Burns Black + Auger at Carpe Noctum, Leeds

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