Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Review of my year 2016

A bit late but here we are…..
Best / Favourite
New Place (City) I Visited. ~
Blue Grass BBQ, Reading. A type of `Deep South` themed bar, lovely chicken

Blue Grass BBQ, Reading. Their pic.
New Place (Countryside) I Visited. ~
Thornton Hall Farm, May
At Thornton Hall Farm.
Cemetery. ~
Whitworth. To visit the grave of Sophie Lancaster. 
The grave of Sophie Lancaster.
Music Festival. ~
Goth City Festival, October 
The Lost Souls at Goth City Festival Leeds.
Worst Purchase ~
New Caravan. ~~ It went back after a fortnight, we got our money back, but our old one had already been sold so we went elsewhere for the next. I still miss our old one though ! 
Ticked off The Bucket List. ~
York Ghost Hunt Tour.
York Ghost Hunt.
Here`s to 2017


  1. Sounds like an awesome year except for the caravan

    1. Thanks, I would normally do “Best Purchase” but I`m still sore about that! Onwards and upwards.

  2. Lovely photos! Have you already decided what will you tick off your bucket list this year? :)

    1. Thanks, I guess yes for our Silver wedding anniversary we are going to The Harry Potter Studio Tour near London next month.

  3. Ooooh, that sounds like fun! I'm glad they took the trailer back ... pretty sure it's all sales final over here, so I'm glad you weren't stuck with it.

    1. On the whole, yes. We have what is called a Fit for purpose law, say if a tennis ball doesn`t bonce, you can get your money back as you would expect a tennis ball to bounce. That was not `Fit for purpose` One day I will do a blog on the whole sorry story, just not yet.


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