Sunday, 1 January 2017

Urban Legend of the 3 door Ford Cortina

This was one of my dad’s so I not know just how true it was, but the way things were in the 1970’s UK Motor Industry it may well have been true.
Picture NOT mine.
At the time my dad worked for a Ford Main Dealer, his job was to go around the smaller garages in the district and get their orders for Ford parts. Now it came to be told that one of his customers had ordered a car for one of their clients, a Ford Cortina in the ’70’s Cortina’s were either 2 or 4 door, tailgates where only on Estate cars then. As the garage started to PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection) it they found that on one side it was a 2 door modal i.e. it had ONE door on that side, but on the other side it had TWO doors as a 4 door modal has. The garage rang Fords thinking they were going to be ‘stuck’ with a useless car. Almost instantly (For Ford in the ‘70’s anyway) a covered truck came and removed it, replacing it with a normal car. If only they had realized that such a car would be priceless in years to come!
Picture NOT mine.
Ford denies this could ever happen.

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