Wednesday, 8 February 2017

And What Did You Say Goth Was?

Once a television motoring presenter, who was pretending to be on a camp site asked a couple of pensioners, who most likely didn`t know who he was, “What do people do on a caravanning holiday?” unfortunately their best, or only recorded answer was “We drink a lot of tea”
My last ‘van
A few weeks later, the Car Valet at one of my client`s asked me the same question, But, and maybe because I`m a) younger, b) quicker, and c) more used to people asking silly questions, I quickly replied “I don`t consider there been such a thing as a `caravanning` holiday, I have holidays in my caravan, and you can do anything that you would do on holiday if you stayed in a hotel, apartment or whatever, but you know that the toilet is clean and you won`t get bedbugs!” I also went on to add “I`ve used it to visit my grandchildren, and I`ve gone to Whitby Goth Weekend in my Caravan”

“And What Did You Say Goth Was?”…………………

 Oh Shi !!

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  1. Growing up, we had an old camper van that my dad built a loft in. My parents slept downstairs; I slept in the loft area; and, my brother slept in the cabinet space ha ha ha he loved it! That van used to break down all the time but that was what a family vacation was.

    Decades later, we thought my dad was on his deathbed (he's still alive today) and he actually apologized that we didn't stay in hotels or have fancy vacations. I was able to correct him. I loved those trips. He responded, "But it always broke down," to which I responded, "But you were always able to fix it!"

    Today to folks asking such questions as your client's car valet asked, I would ask in return if they've ever read Steinbeck's Travels with Charley. When they respond no, I would smile and say, "Of course not!"

    1. Memories like that are priceless and I`m very glad your dad is still here. My dad always used to make and do everything himself. I wouldn`t dare try to do any work on the car.


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