Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Funeral Wishes 2. Over This Land.

Because the likelihood of been able to have a Viking longboat funeral at Whitby is less then nil, I have a plan `B`
Ribblehead Viaduct
One of my favourite parts of the Yorkshire Dales is Ribblehead and the famous Settle to Carlisle railway viaduct there, so I would now like my ashes scattering from off it, whilst The Mission`s record Wasteland is been played.

This has already been mentioned to a DJ friend of mine who said he was up for playing the music, all I need now is someone to do the scattering, oh and stop the train! I think it is a £200 fine if you pull the cord to make an unauthorised stop, so I thought that I might as well ask if I could get permission no doubt at a cost.
Ribblehead Viaduct and Me.
I emailed Northern Rail, the train company that runs that line. Thus;

Dear Northern Rail

Please could you tell me what it would cost to legally stop a train for about 5 minutes on the Ribblehead Viaduct to facilitate the scattering of my ashes?

P.S. I am not planning on dyeing anytime soon.

Thank you.


Hi Alastair, unfortunately this is not a service we can offer. We also cannot authorise the scattering of ashes on the train tracks as we do not own them, this is the remit of @networkrail May I ask, does it need to be the Ribblehead Viaduct, or is it a train line in general? The reason I ask is I know the heritage railways, which are private train tracks sometime offer this service on their lines, so it may be worth contacting them? I hope this helps

Ribblehead Viaduct
So it will have to be done illegally then!
Many older Punks will remember when The Sex Pistols were arrested for playing God Save The Queen on a boat on the River Thames in 1977 on the Queen`s Silver Jubilee. That can never be repeated, but getting arrested for stopping a train to spread a mates ashes must come close? Any volunteers

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