Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Spen`s Final Tango. Trailer.

This weekend we will be running the last ever event for our local Caravanning group (Spen Valley), which is about to fold due a shortage of new members.

Because it`s Halloween as well, this is what we have planned. 
The Bats Have Left the Bell Tower Game ~ The Bats have left the Bell Tower and are hiding around the market, some have taken with them the chewed up name badge of a classic horror movie star. Find the bats; which have a letter and number. Rearrange the letters to reveal who the movie star is.
Not my background to pic.
Saturday Night. Program
Charity Auction ~ Getting rid, I mean selling off unused tom bowler prizes etc.
Wrap the Mummy Game ~ Turn your partner into a Mummy ~ using toilet roll ~against the clock.
The Bats Have Left the Bell Tower Game Answers
A Quiz, about bats, as it happens.
There will a Supper
Gary Gilmore Game ~ Find Gary Gilmore’s eyes~ Inter group challenge
Trick or treat Raffle ~ Some good prizes, some not so….
I will be playing relevant music throughout the evening
The Final Tango ~ The time to celebrate Spen’s passing ~ Music and words.
Fancy Dress is strongly encouraged
Not my background to pic.


  1. It’s sad you’re shitting it down. People don’t like caravanning anymore? Shame. Anyway, it sounds like a fun evening - have a blast!! I’ll be thinking about ya! 👻

    1. The Camping and Caravanning Club as a whole in the UK is growing, other local parts of the club are too. But Spen Valley has been stuck in the past too long and never welcomed younger members. We have often been with other local groups who do, and it will not be a problem. It will also be nice to let others do the hard work.


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