Thursday, 14 December 2017

If Your Face Fits At Christmas.

In the UK on TV’s Channel 5 there is a ‘Christmassy’ program called Harrogate: A Great Yorkshire Christmas, basically it`s about shops in Harrogate decorating their windows for Christmas. With nothing much better on at that time I have been watching it.
Betties Tea Room in Harrogate, Not my pic 
 All the shopkeepers or managers have been going to a florists wholesaler in Harrogate called Stemstyle. At one time I had an account there, but then they said “That My Gardening business did not fit their criteria” and more or less banned me! 
This is Stemstyle, their pic.
 That`s a bit sad really, back in my Punk days, it used to be pubs that wouldn’t serve me.
Not my pic  

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