Tuesday, 26 December 2017

The Ghost of Christmas Past.

This Christmas, as we sat down to eat our meal; I was visited by a ghost of Christmas past. In the crackers were jokes and tricks, one of which was the `ball in the goblet` one, to most people just a bit of harmless fun, but I had not seen one of them since my childhood. 
Ball trick.
I think I would have been about 8 to 9ish when I was given one as the only present from my Nana and Gran (on my mum`s side.) Now for that I was grateful, happy and contented. However, it came to pass, that all my cousins, who lived next door to my Nana and Gran had received big, and no doubt more expensive presents, and when my mum found out `All hell` seemed to break out! My mum had always said `they` thought more of my aunties kids than hers (Me).
Not my pic.
 As I said that was `Christmas past` and long forgotten, till now.
Not my pic.


  1. Funny how these memories pop up out of the blue, isn't it? lol

    I've never seen one of those in any of the crackers we get over here, but I think we get ripped off. Next year I should order some from England.

    1. There is a massive range of crackers and prices to go with them I think you may get what you pay for, my step son brought them and know he`ll pay more than I would have done.


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