Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Not A Blog For Blogs Sake.

I started my Blog for two reasons; firstly as an on-line archive for the back log of pieces I had written for my caravanning group`s magazine, (Spen `n` Ink). And secondly as a way to get my trade name (App`y The Gardener) on line without having to try and set-up a proper website
So the first 35 or so posts were simply `copy and pasted` from my Spen `n` Ink files. I then started to use it as a bit of a diary, nothing to personal, writing about nights out, Greyhound stuff. Along with work related stories and visits to cemeteries followed.
My life in one, Greyhound (Holly), Camping and Goth.
I never felt that I had to Blog, and apart from in lent in 2012, where I purposely posted every day, I only post when I have something to write about that is relevant to me, and is too long to put on Facebook.

It`s not Blog for Blogs sake. 


  1. That's OK. Write about things that make you happy! I like your photo. Cool top hat!

    1. Picture is from about 2012 ish, last time Holly went to Whitby Goth Weekend. I am planning to go this April.

    2. Are you, Alastair? I've been debating about Whitby - it doesn't seem too far from Scotland when we come over in April but I'm just not sure I can handle the crowds. We might end up going before that weekend. :)

    3. It`s April 27 / 29 but things start a few days before and go on after. I hope to go on the 27th


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