Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Review Of My Year 2017

Not to late this time, so here we are…..

Best / Favourite

New Place (Countryside) I Visited. ~
Smailholm Tower in Scotland. Link>>>

Cemetery. ~
Church of St. Michael The Archangel Link>>>

Stage Mention ~
Gothzilla at Goth City Festival. ~
They dedicated ‘Todays A Good Day To Die’ to me after I`d mentioned that as I was playing in my car the day before, someone I knew, had! (Unfortunately it was edited out of the video. Link>>>

Biggest Disappointment ~
Harry Potter studio tour in February Link>>>

Christmas present to / from myself ~
The book Vaesen, from Grimfrost, about the Scandinavian folklore with deep roots in Viking Age culture. 
Not my pic
 Biggest Job / Clearance done at Work.
The Bothy Feb & Dec 2107

Here`s to 2018


  1. Well that's disappointing about the Harry Potter studio. :( The book looks very good though!

    1. Maybe I was expecting too much, I was thinking that there would be an atmosphere of excitement, fun and well magic. Instead it had all the thrill of a large wholesale warehouse, but none of the bargains.


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