Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Rhombus + Gothzilla + The Black Riders Cult at Crape Noctum, Leeds.

I had been offered a lift there and back, which meant I didn`t have to monitor my alcohol intake too closely, in fact I didn`t at all.
The Black Riders Cult had just started by the time we got in, but I was soon into the music. I have seen them a few times before, best described as early Sisters, but with bigger echo. All too soon they came round to finishing with Midnight Flower which I love
The Black Riders Cult
 The break gave me a chance to say hi to a few folk including Tim from Gothzilla. not surprisingly the club was filling up early. I emptied my pint and headed to the bar for a refill. I turned around and Gothzilla were on stage and saying hello I politely made my way to the front just in time to get the thumps-up from Tim.
 Gothzilla open with the first track from their first CD. Todays A Good Day To Die. This is becoming quite personal to me in my usual surreal way, it`s the third time Gothzilla have played Leeds and every time it marks the dearth of someone I know. Next song up was Tight wire which I also love it and from there on couldn`t stop dancing though all my favourites like Negative Creep, Temple of Sound and ending with Army of Angels. I even got a stage mention for supporting them! Orr thanks.
All that dancing so back to the bar, but, Disaster the bar man had disappeared! Whilst waiting I was talking to Jason from The Black Riders Cult, who then very kindly brought me a pint. Thank you!
  I when straight back to the front ready for Rhombus and had a quick natter to Alix and Andy as they did their final sound check. Lee, Rob and Edward came on stage and they started with Open The Sky. Playing though a list of my favourite Rhombus songs with 1 or 2 new ones added in it was a brilliant set ending with Anywhere and Timeless and Elegant. 
Rhombus, even managed to get a shoot of Lee on drums.

Back to the bar and find a seat, I needed a rest, that is, till Howard played New Rose and I found myself on the dance floor. In fact the dance floor kept calling for the likes of Killing Jokes War Dance, The Cramps, The Cure and a good few more, until my lift said “About ten minutes”

But what a night, super, thanks to all that made it so.


  1. I actually attended the event it was fantastic night with hugely talented bands it was my second time seeing both Rhombus and Gothzilla. Both played a fantastic set. Carpe Nocturm was great as well

    1. Back to Carpe this Saturday For me.Cauda Povoris + Last July + The Glass House Museum.


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