Tuesday, 27 February 2018

The Expelaires + Dawn of Elysium + Void Ships Captain At The Fulford Arms.

Although the Fulford Arms is a hours drive away (Still a bit worried I drove too fast though the road works 40mph bit) it always feels more like `my local` than the pub 3 minutes` walk from my house.
I just got the last parking space in the car park and as soon as I entered the room was greeted by Alex and Charles from Dawn of Elysium, the door keeper arrived and I paid my fee. Next Martin from The Expelaires came and we were about to `man-hug` when he jumped back from my jacket which I am starting to put studs on, they are a bit sharp
My Jacket (work in progress)
The Fulford Arms as a very tempting array of fine ales on offer and I opted for a ruby Porter. Only one then it would have to be shandy due to the drive home. Pubs are closing down at a terrible rate in the UK and whilst it`s easy to blame supermarkets for selling cheap booze I think it`s more to do with the governments Drink-Drive laws and peoples fear of been breath analysed. Before these were introduced Pubs were always packed every night!
So the night`s openers were Void Ships Captain, a five piece with an interesting six string Bass guitar. They played long songs that I tended to lose track off.
Void Ships Captain
Middle band was the wonderful Dawn of Elysium. Although I have seen them many times before their set is constantly evolving and a great mix of new songs and older favourites like Doused in Green and Riding The Cloud, finishing with the only cover of Pictures of Matchstick Men. 
Dawn of Elysium 
A quick turnaround then The Expelaires were on. I don`t know how many times I`ve seen them going back to 1979 but it`s a lot. Due to `other things` going on in my life at the moment I have been playing Wall of Sound a lot lately and they didn't disappoint they played it. Poundland and That's Rock and Roll also stood out and grand. 
The Expelaires 

That took us to half past eleven and so to home, time to say the goodbyes and thank you`s. A great night as always.


  1. Great post I've never heard of Void Of Ship Captian or Dawn of Elysium. I've seen The Expelaries once and like Poundland it's a sad representation of life.

    I think I'm regards to pubs shutting down I think one of the biggest factors is the expense of purchasing alchol and wages aren't align with inflation. I also generally feel the drinking cultural had also changed amongst the younger generations.

    1. Void Ships Captan new to me, Good mates with D of E. Pubs have to offer more than just drink now. I just wish I lived nearer to The Fulford sometimes.

  2. Hahaha, I bet he jumped back! It's not worth the price of an impaired driving charge over here - I wish we had a pub within walking distance. Perhaps it's just as well we don't though. lol

    1. I only go to the Fulford for specific bands, but it is always a fantastic night, and I mean magical.


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