Wednesday, 4 April 2018

A Weekend of Nostalgia At York

After the last few hectic weekends I was looking forward to a relaxing time in the caravan, and now been free of any committee / management  / ad hock roles that had so often taken over my `free` time before our local camping (caravanning) group died, this was going to be a lazy weekend.
As we drove along the long drive into the field a family who were walking out of camp waved us down and warned me to stop at the top of the hill to meet the steward and asses the ground conditions. We did, and it was not great, however we had no trouble in siting our unit and making camp. We had a warming bowl of Chris`s homemade soup and decided to go into town on Friday as it had the best weather forecast. 
York Cricket and Ruby club. 
 It poured it down! Back in the `van I was keen to start reading a book I had brought with me. A friend of mine had written his autobiography. I can really recommend it, I always had thought of myself as a `full time` Punk back in the day but Wayne really lived the dream, living in squats and always on the move. It left me feeling a bit of a `straight` by comparison. Wayne Reid, My Book – innit.
Wayne Reid, My Book – innit.
 Saturday it rained most of the time we had a short walk to the local Fish `n` Chip shop in the only dry period. I then continued reading. 
York in better weather 
 Sunday morning, we had breakfast and started packing up. A man, who I didn`t know, but he obviously knew who we were, came up to me and asked “If I was missing Spen” (Our old group) He said how much he liked the events that Chris and I had run for Spen at Skipton and other places he had been to. It turned out he came from the other side of the country. It`s nice when people remember you and what you have done.
York in better weather 

Some people were having trouble getting off the field, the group`s committee were out helping pushing and towing them off. I felt a bit guilty not helping as I would have done in our own group, and I really hoped I could get off myself without help.  Which we did, a few people even came up to me and said “You did that well” etc.

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